The Global POW Airdrop
POW token's current market cap is: $26,649 stats
  • Users since Oct 2017: 348,615
  • New users in the last 24 hrs: 6
  • Transactions in the last 24 hrs: 4
  • Next claimant gets: 10,097 POW
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    If you have a verified account your POW allocation is issued instantly when you login to using your account. You can then use this account as an Anchor to allow you to add other social media platforms to access your account. For each of the additional social media platforms that you add, you will receive an additional allocation of POW.

    About POW

    POW explained…

    POW is a crypto-currency that is being issued free to every Internet user on the planet. It’s simple to claim your allocation by using a social media account that was created prior to September 15th 2017, or with a verified account. The earlier you claim the bigger your allocation will be.

    So far 348,632 users have claimed POW since we launched on October 2017. When we first launched, the first claimant received 10bn POW. Since then the amount allocated to each new claimant has fallen according to our published algorithm. A new user currently receives 10,097 POW. By the time we reach 50 million users that amount will have fallen to 100 POW. When we eventually reach 2 billion users, each new user will receive just 1 POW.

    Although POW is being freely distributed, doing so is creating a valuable network as described by Metcalfe’s law.

    Consider the utility of with just a few key strokes being able to pay anyone on the planet, speedily, with privacy, security and zero transaction fees. At time of writing Bitcoin has approximately 30 million users, and a market capitalisation of $150 billion.

    POW technical detail…

    POW is a standard ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum is the second largest crypto-currency after Bitcoin. Ethereum allows the creation of token’s like POW to utilise their Blockchain. The address of the POW ERC20 contract is: 0xEb2dA9FAC54284cEA731D1F10bb34EEcB3c00c14

    POW can be held off-Blockchain at where it can be transferred to other users of with zero transaction fees and with transactions clearing in less than 1 minute.

    The service is built using the Laravel PHP framework which facilitates easy integration of third party Oauth2 providers like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn; stateless architecture allowing for scalability and robustness.

    Right time, right place…

    Ethereum might change the world, but by the admission of its founder (Vitalik Buterin), the technology is not ready for mass market adoption. The Ethereum Blockchain is handling around 12 transactions per second currently, which pales compared to the volumes achieved by services like Paypal and VISA.

    Beneath the surface there is work being done by the Ethereum team on initiatives such as POS and Sharding, which should solve the problems of scalability and transaction costs.

    In the meantime off-Blockchain services such as offering a hybrid centralised/Blockchain currency and payment system, can be seen as stepping stones to the ultimate goal of a decentralised currency.

    The total supply of POW token was set at 231,802,823,220. That means there can never be more than this number of units of POW created. Of that total supply, 200.6 billion POW will be allocated to claimants on a ‘first come, most served’ basis. has been created by nine founders with experience spanning both Blockchain and traditional centralised server world. We have not raised any money from an ICO and have not sought external funding. None of the founders receive any salaries or expenses in relation to the POW project. A total of 31.2bn POW has been allocated equally to the nine person founder team. This equates to 1.5% of the total supply for each founder.

    Allocation Algo Explained….

    The current version of the allocation algo is displayed below:

    Allocation = 0.704 * 1010 * (2 x (Number of claimants to date))-1

    There have been three iterations of the Algo since we lauched in Oct 2017. To read more about these iterations, see our Whitepaper.

    Below is the calculation of the allocation for the next user who will be claimant number 348,632.

    Allocation = 0.704 * 1010 * (2 x 348,632)-1

    = 10,097 POW

    POW Stats
    POW Allocation
    Already issued to developer team
    Already issued to social media claimants
    To be issued to future social media claimants
    POW FAQs
    You come to and simply click on the “Login With Facebook” (or with one of the other social media providers). Your POW will be issued instantly. is an off-Blockchain wallet for the POW ERC20 token. The wallet is not just for claiming and keeping your POW. It lets you transfer and receive POW from any other user of, with zero transaction fees.
    There are zero transaction fees on transfers within the wallet. However, if you want to transfer your POW from the wallet to the Ethereum Blockchain you will need to pay a fee to the Ethereum network called “gas”. This fee is paid in Ether, which is the currency in the Ethereum network. We realise that many of our users will not have Ether, so we will pay the fee and deduct the equivalent amount of POW from your balance.
    All you need is their address. When a user is logged in to, their account is displayed at the top of each page.
    Yes. To do this click the “Withdraw” link in the menu of the wallet. There is a per user limit to how much can be withdrawn each day. We hope to raise this limit in the future. In order to send the POW to the Ethereum Blockchain you will need an Ethereum Wallet. A great place to get this is Once you have an Ethereum wallet you can withdraw your POW from and send it to the wallet. The next step is to sell the POW on exchange (like or
  • Email address – We will only use your email address to send you notifications about your POW account. For example when you have received POW from a friend or to let you know about new developments at POW.
  • Name, username or handle. We only use this to customise your user experience on the website. This is only displayed to you.
  • When telephone networks were in their infancy, the telcos gave away phones and subsidised connecting new users. The value created by those new network’s is described by Metcalfe’s law. Right at the beginning of the process there is little benefit to users, but as the network grows, the utility grows quickly, meaning that almost any transaction you currently do with traditional money could be done with POW with zero transaction fees and near instant settlement.
    The algorithm means that the amount of POW that each new user receives is less than the previous claimants. At the same time, the value of the network rises as each new user joins. This means that the allocation of POW is deflationary,
    There are 9 founders in the team that is developing POW. Collectively they have received 31.2 billion POW. The team’s skills range from Blockchain programming to Amazon AWS infrastructure management, all of which are required to operate the service. None of the founders receive salaries or expenses. All technology and server costs have been covered by the founders as we did not have an ICO or raise money externally.
    POW is not a security. The US regulator (SEC) uses the Howey Test to answer this question. There are three elements to the test, and all three have to be true in order for a token to be classed as a security. The first element of the test is the question “Is there an investment of money?” In the case of POW, we are giving away the entire total supply to the users, so the answer is “no”.
    If you have a verified account your POW allocation is issued instantly when you login to using your account. You can then use this account as an Anchor to allow you to add other social media platforms to access your account. For each of the additional social media platforms that you add, you will receive an additional allocation of POW.
    Fees are calculated using the published ‘Safe Low Gas Price’ and the current POW/ETH exchange rate. The formula for the calculation of the fees is as follows:
    ((Safe Low Gas Price/1000000000) * Gas Limit) / (POW/ETH)
    Notes: The Gas Limit is 37,000 units. The Safe Low Gas is divided by 1bn to convert the units from Gwei to Ether.
    Buying & Selling POW

    If you want to buy or sell the POW ERC20 token, the following exchanges allow to do so:

  • Forkdelta
  • Radar Relay

    The following service providers have info on POW:

  • CoinCodex

    The contract address for POW/ETH is as follows (Please do not send any ETH to this address):

    To see recent POW transactions on, click here.

  • POW Terms & Conditions

    POW is an Ethereum ERC20 token which functions as a crypto-currency. POW is not a utility token. is an ‘off-Blockchain’ wallet for storing POW and allows free transfers to other users of within the environment. Claimants receive free POW when they register at using a social media OAuth login or a account.

    Transfers of POW within are currently free of all transaction charges – at some point in the future we may have to introduce small fees to cover server costs.

    We will NEVER share any of your contact details with any advertisers or partners. When you receive a transfer of POW from any other user within, you will receive an email alert to that effect. If you wish you can unsubscribe from these alerts using the link at the bottom of the alert email.

    Ocassionally (we have not sent one since we launched over a year ago!) we will send an email to the userbase telling them of new functionality that has been introduced. Again, if you wish to unsubscribe from these service alerts you can do so using the link at the bottom of the email. users can make withdrawals of POW from the wallet to the Ethereum network. For this they require an Ethereum wallet.

    Just like a wallet in the real world, please be careful where you leave it and who you show it to as transactions are irreversible. It is your responsibility to maintain good device security and password security. is in constant development, and although we’ve made best efforts to make it secure, it is possible that bugs will exist and will potentially be exploited. If the contents of your wallet are lost will not be liable for any losses. For this reason we strongly urge you not to purchase POW or hold significant quantities of POW within the wallet.

    Please remember the POW issued to you was FREE and that all of the developers and customer services team of are volunteers and are not paid.

    Updated November 22nd 2018.