The Global POW Airdrop
POW token's current market cap is: $26,649 stats
  • Users since Oct 2017: 348,615
  • New users in the last 24 hrs: 6
  • Transactions in the last 24 hrs: 4
  • Next claimant gets: 10,097 POW
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    If you have a verified account your POW allocation is issued instantly when you login to using your account. You can then use this account as an Anchor to allow you to add other social media platforms to access your account. For each of the additional social media platforms that you add, you will receive an additional allocation of POW.

    About POW

    POW is a standard ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain with two innovations that make it unique:

    1. POW ‘lite’ is the Non-Blockchain version of POW. It is held in the account and enables holders to make free transactions with one another. Ultimately POW ‘lite’ will be fungible with the ERC20 POW that exists on the Blockchain.
    2. A global ‘Airdrop’ of POW ‘lite’ with enough to be claimed by every person on the planet, can be easily claimed simply by logging in with your Facebook account. Other social media logins will be added in the future, with the potential to create the most widely held currency on the planet.
    The ‘Account’ and POW ‘lite’

    Ethereum has the potential to change the world, but by the admission of its founder (Vitalik Buterin), the technology is not ready for mass market adoption. The Ethereum Blockchain can only handle 17 transactions a second which pales compared to the volumes achieved by services like Paypal and VISA.
    Beneath the surface there is work being done by the Ethereum team on initiatives such as POS and ‘Sharding’, which should solve the problems of scalability and transaction costs.
    In the meantime the POW ‘lite’ and the ‘POW Account’ concept creates a hybrid centralised/blockchain currency and payment system, which can be seen as a stepping stone to the ultimate goal of decentralised finance.
    The total supply of token has been set at 231,802,823,220 POW. That means there will never be more than this number of units of POW created. A total of 27.8bn POW has been allocated to the developer team. That leaves 204,002,823,220 to be allocated to claimers on a ‘first come, most served’ basis.
    Over the next few months we will be busy building a ‘bridge’ between POW ‘lite’ and POW ERC20, so that users can migrate their holdings out onto the Blockchain if they wish.

    The ‘Airdrop’

    The global ‘Airdrop’ of POW ‘lite’ is achieved by leveraging the 3rd party validation and verification service provided by Facebook for ‘Apps’. We will soon introduce other forms of social media login than just Facebook including Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Weibo. Logging in with any of these accounts will create a new allocation of POW ‘lite’, so users with more than one social media account will get more than one allocation. People have different networks of friends in different social media communities, so why punish them for this? Having said that we are ever vigilant to prevent users making multiple claims by logging in through the same social media network (known as a Sybil Attack). The ‘Airdrop’ will give users a starting balance for making transactions.

    Rewarding Early Adopters

    To create urgency, we’ve devised a simple ‘algo’ which rewards early adopters with a larger number of POW ‘lite’ than late adopters.

    Next claimant will be number 14,137.

    Allocation for claimant number 14,137 = 10,000,000,000 / 14,137
    = 707,364 POW ‘lite’

    This is designed to encourage early adoption. Just in the time it has taken you to read this page there have probably been some new registrants, meaning the latest POW ‘lite’ allocation is less than the figure shown on this page. For this reason you will only know the exact amount of POW ‘lite’ you will receive after you have claimed.

    What Do The Founders of POW Get? has been created by five tech industry professionals with experience spanning both Blockchain and traditional centralised server world. We are not raising any money from an ICO and not seeking funding. None of the founders receive any salaries or expenses in relation to the POW project. The founders are sharing 6.83% of the total ERC20 POW being issued. In addition 1.50% of the total ERC20 POW issued is being allocated to Bitzza Limited which is a UK registered company, owned by the founders, which will cover the costs of operating the centralised databases and any other costs that arise.

    Token Spec:
    Ethereum, ERC20 Token
    Total Supply POW:
    Total POW ‘lite’ claims:
    101,337,303,622 Accounts Analysis (POW ‘lite’):
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    707,364 POW ‘lite’

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