Relaunching Aug 19th 2018...

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325 Days
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POW is going to change the world...

In October 2017 POW launched the first ever global airdrop, with the goal of distributing crypto-currency to over 2 billion social media users worldwide. By April 2018 over 360,000 users claimed POW using their social media accounts.

We got so big we ran into scaling problems which required us to completely rebuild the site with an eye to accomodating many millions of users in the next year.

Whatever your POW balance was when we took the service offline in April 2018, will be your balance when we relaunch on the 19th August.

The new site features and functionality include: earn POW from referring friends, transfer POW to the Ethereum Blockchain, include messages with POW transfers (within .

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You can buy or sell POW for ETH at the following exchange:

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